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Creative Journeys by MixLife

Creative Journeys by MixLife

Creative Journeys by MixLife

Live your life inspired

What's a creative journey?

Being creative feels great, but it’s hard to make the time and stick with it. A MixLife journey jumpstarts your creativity, with a research-informed approach to get you out of your rut and into a groove.


Our journey instructors provide the structure to make creativity a part of your everyday life, with weekly classes and daily activities to keep the momentum going. Your small cohort of fellow creative journeyers provides the support and camaraderie we all need right now.


Be kind to your mind. Give yourself the gift of creative flow, relaxation, and joy — scientists have proven that creativity is very good for your mental health, but your soul already knew that.


Sign up today for:

  • A 4 or 6 part weekly online class with a talented instructor 

  • Short, daily practice activities

  • A cohort of 6 - 10 participants

Creativity's surprising benefits

Many of us know that we feel better when we’re doing a creative activity, but few people know the true scope of benefits that creativity gives us. Research on creativity and the arts has uncovered an impressive range of positive effects on your body and brain.

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