MeasurePre-Survey MeanPost-Survey MeanPre to Post Change% Change Pre to Post% Reporting Improvement
Overall Well-Being22.4329.867.43*+33%86%
Personal Growth2.503.711.21*+48%86%
Life Satisfaction2.253.000.75+33%50%
Trusting Relationships2.503.250.75*+30%50%
Confidence in Self Expression2.503.380.88*+35%75%
General Perceived Stress8.006.38-1.62*-20%75%
Depressive Symptoms7.256.88-0.37-5%25%

* Indicates a statistically significant change in measure from pre to post survey

​Report prepared by Kimberly G. Lockwood, PhD
Executive Director of the Stress Measurement Network
University of California, San Francisco