Hello, I'm Tracey P.

Teaching is en everyday part of my life, whether in private music lessons, in a classroom setting, in online groups, or with my children. It gives me life. When not teaching others, I am “teaching” myself by engaging in deeper study of my own craft or branching out into areas grelated to music and outside of my primary discipline. My greatest feeling of fulfillment comes from engaging with students in a way that brings any subject to life, accomplished not only through MY words but through dialogue amongst the students. This is what I would like to do for the rest of my life, and now that we are forced to socially distance ourselves, online teaching provides many more outlets, not as hindered by geographical distance, while at the same time providing connection with our fellow human beings. I feel that this type of job is critical in keeping our minds sharp and active and keeping us connected, and I hope to be a part of that very important mission. As a student of life FOR life, I have always pursued enrichment and development not only from my own areas of interest and expertise, but from all areas of study and experience, and from the perspectives of people of all races and creeds. This is a culture of thought I strive to instill in my students, both in private studio teaching and in the classroom. Without this exchange between disciplines and peoples, education is a flat and lackluster drudgery, not likely to linger long in the memories of students, let alone be impactful once the students have been released into the world. As for my personal story, I have recently retired from a wonderful career as a Clarinetist with “The President’s Own” U.S. Marine Band. I played for 4 U.S. Presidents, countless international dignitaries, and at the White House and other noted venues, I was a frequent soloist with the Marine Band/Chamber Orch active as a chamber musician, and served as Educational Outreach Coordinator for the band’s annual National Concert Tour. With my colleagues, I have coached thousands of music students across the U.S. on these tours. I hold Music degrees from Indiana Univ, the Royal Academy of Music-London (Fulbright Grant), and Florida State Univ (Univ Fellow). Teachers include James Campbell, Frank Kowalsky.

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