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Team resilience for the new normal

Creative programs that improve
well-being while strengthening teams


We promote psychological safety with a mindset of
curiosity & exploration, creative risk-taking and lighthearted collaboration

Improve team belonging and well-being... while still having fun

We’ve taken one-time, in-person team-building experiences and adapted them to meet the demands of workplaces today.


Our programs are led by talented creative art instructors, who are guided by mental health practitioners. 

Choose from 3 program lengths: 

Traditional Team-builder (1-2 hours)

  • A one-time creative activity chosen from our catalogue 

  • Those interested can follow-up with an instructor for additional guidance

Creative Adventure Light (2 weeks)

  • 2 live sessions with an instructor (online or remote)

  • Creative prompts and relaxing activities to share asynchronously in between

  • Instructor available for feedback and Q&A between sessions

Creative Adventure Celebration (4 weeks)

  • 4 live sessions with an instructor (online or remote)

  • Creative prompts and relaxing activities to share asynchronously in between

  • Instructor available for feedback and Q&A between sessions

  • Last session is a finale celebration of creative achievement

Research & Principles

MixLife is dedicated to the goal of improving mental well-being and belonging. Unlike most team building providers, we measure and optimize the effectiveness of our programs

Loneliness in the workplace is a growing problem and one of the biggest factors in job dissatisfaction. [1] We tackle this head-on using each unique creative medium to create low-stakes opportunities to relax and connect.

Decades of research show the benefits of creativity, from increased neuroplasticity to lowering cortisol. In research conducted in collaboration with the Executive Director of Stress Measurement Network, UCSF, MixLife pilot programs have shown great results.


  • 86% of participants reported increased overall well-being

  • 75% of participants reported reduced general perceived stress

  • 75% of participants reported increased feelings of belonging to a community

  • 75% of participants reported an increase in confidence in expressing themselves


Read the full report

Creative Catalogue

Dance for Resilience
Funny Story: Standup Comedy for Beginners
Everyday laughs: improv games for families
Flow with watercolors and hand lettering
Poetry: Find your voice
Improv: Perform on the small screen

About Us

MixLife is a creativity-focused education company that promotes mental wellbeing and social connectedness among participants. MixLife’s founding team comes from a strong background in learning, community building, mental health, and tech.


Deepa Vivekanandan is a former Product Manager at Google who specialized in building safer online communities. Prior to her Google career, she spent several years founding a successful large-scale educational institute.


Lettie Malan Assaf was a founding member and UX Lead for YouTube Learning and YouTube Kids.


Tessa Thulien is a licensed therapist who is also a practicing poet and a strong advocate for creativity’s role in promoting mental wellbeing.  


How are your instructors selected and trained? 


We select our instructors for their expertise in their field of art and their commitment to the mental well-being of their students through art. All instructors go through training that is developed in collaboration with mental health experts. We also pick instructors who can provide an engaging experience! 


Are your programs online or in-person?


We offer both fully online and hybrid formats (with some in-person events). If you’d like to include in-person components to your experience, let us know when you book. 


In-person availability varies by instructor & location.


What size teams do you work with? 


Our minimum group size is 6 people and our maximum is 25. We can sometimes accommodate exceptions so please let us know if this is an issue. 


Do you take special requests for activities? 


Yes! We are actively expanding our catalogue of creative activities. If your team has a special request, just ask! We’ll do our best to make it happen. 


Is this art therapy? 


No, while we’re inspired by many of the techniques of art therapy, our instructors are experts in their art. Our approach is informed by therapists and other experts in mental health in collaboration with artists.

How do I contact you? 


You can reach us at