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Founding team

Based in the Bay Area, California

Deepa Vivekanandan
Co-founder and CEO

Deepa founded and successfully led several cutting edge efforts at Google to apply AI to some of the hardest problems in society, ranging from child safety, to tackling hate speech, to improving the quality of recommendations affecting billions of hours of user engagement every month. Deepa had first hand experience with chronic PTSD that opened her eyes to the big gaps in mental health and inspired her to found this company. For self-care, Deepa likes to dance, practice Yoga and go for walks with her puppy.

Lettie Malan Assaf
Co-founder and CPO

Lettie was on the founding teams for both YouTube Learning and YouTube Kids. She led the research and design team to grow the YouTube Kids app to the largest video service for kids in the world. She has degrees in Industrial Design and HCI. As someone who’s experienced deep burnout, she’s inspired by projects that encourage creativity, reflection and connection in modern life. She relaxes through hiking & painting, preferably at the same time.

happier & healthier through creativity

We’re here to improve well-being through creative technology

We founded MixLife because we believe deeply in the importance of creativity in mental well-being, following our own personal experiences in recovery from PTSD and burnout with the help of creativity. 

We believe in bringing creativity to the forefront of addressing the stigmatized and universal problem of every day mental health, including stress, anxiety and loneliness. Through science backed approaches and smart technology supports, we facilitate creative skill-building and creative flow. We are also working towards building the right community to make creative pursuits joyful and supported. We hope to serve you through products tailored to achieve a more fulfilling and balanced life. 

​We believe that our strong backgrounds in education, technology and design can make a difference. In fact, we quit our secure jobs at Google in the middle of a pandemic because the need for mental well-being was spreading as fast as COVID-19. Too often, technology is working against us rather than for us in our daily quest for life satisfaction and human connection.  

Stay healthy and stay inspired,

-Deepa & Lettie

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