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Ready for more laughs? 

Stand Up Challenge

with Matt Baetz

Deep dive into the art of funny storytelling, on your own time, with an instructor and peers. Course launches early November!


Regular price: $50

First cohort price: $5 (90% off!!) register by October 10th


What you'll learn

Introduction to standup comedy storytelling
  • Cultivate sources for funny material and build an interesting premise into a joke, starting a practice of finding the humor in life. 

  • Break down comedic style and develop your own confident presentation style

  • Bring characters to life and find new appreciation for the people you meet

  • React to your audience and adapt your delivery

Goal: Perform your first standup bit 

By the end of this course, you'll have a short bit that's ready to perform, record and share with your cohort. 

Relaxing from the start

You don’t need to spend weeks learning technique before using art to unwind. MixLife experiences have opportunities for creative flow right from the start, at any skill level. 

In our pilot...

75% of participants reported a reduction in stress

Make real progress

Once you join a challenge, we make the rest easy with a structured program. Keep moving forward with inspirational instruction, lots of practice prompts and quick answers to your blocking questions. 

In our pilot...

86% felt challenged to grow and become a better person

Experience it together

You gain more motivation and perspective when you learn with others in our small discussion groups. Share the ups and downs of learning something new with people who get it. You'll be surprised with your group's creations!

In our pilot...

75% felt an increased sense of belonging to a community

Immersive, social learning... on your own time

Fun, creative experiences that help you grow

How it works

Workshop groups

You'll be added to a cohort of other new students. Get feedback on written ideas, or share videos of your favorite comedy acts, the discussion space is open!

Weekly video lesson

Matt introduces a new topic every week in a video message you can watch on your own time. 

Fun & inspirational course material

What if your 'homework' is watching comedians on YouTube? In addition to the video lesson, Matt will share a weekly set of curated standup videos that teach and inspire. 

Create, don't just consume

Weekly practice activities get you writing and recording your own work... with the instructor accountability you need to actually do it!

Q&A with the instructor

Stuck? No problem. Post questions to the discussion group for Matt and other students to answer. 

Final project, with feedback

After weeks of preparation, you'll submit your first standup bit and get real feedback from Matt. You can optionally choose to share with the group too!

Learn online, but not alone

Stay inspired with innovative social learning


Matt Baetz

Matt Baetz is an accomplished professional comedian, improviser, and writer based in San Francisco, CA. He has performed numerous times on The Late Late Show on CBS, Comics Unleashed, Comedy TV, as well as clubs, colleges, and corporate events around the country. Matt was fortunate enough to perform and coordinate ten USO comedy tours to military bases around the world including stops in Afghanistan, Cuba, Greenland, and many more.


He is thrilled to be sharing his comedy experiences and knowledge with anyone brave enough to step up to the mic. While Matt is excited to discuss the ins and outs of comedy he is most excited about collaborating with people on how comedy can help us reduce and manage the stress in our lives through creative expression.