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Join date: Jun 7, 2021

I am semi-retired, and am attending with my son Evan. Since I couldn't register him as a member due to email issues, the MixLife team graciously adapted that to now show Evan as the "journey" member that he is. Unfortunately, due to email issues, he still will need to make comments on this MixLIfe site forum through me, although he and I will be in the sessions together and he can communicate there as we all do.

While my wife and I originally bought a Kala uke for Evan for his birthday in 2019, and did not have one ourselves, my wife saw jealosy in my eyes and surprised me with a gift of one during the winter holiday that year. I used to play guitar a bit (6 and 12 string Takamine Martin-wanabes, still in the closet), but had not done so in over 40 years.

I have come to love the two Kala ukuleles I now have: one a standard tuning EQ cutaway, and the other a low-G-strung EQ cutaway. While I now really enjoy playing on my own, ocasionally through a small Yamaha uke amp, the main focus for me has been to get Evan to a place where he has a lifetime connection to his own playing and learning enjoyment. All that said, after struggling with insomnia and stress during the final months before all family was vaccinated, I found that the best quality sleep I got recently was after shutting the computer off an hour before bedtime and just wandering throught the few riffs and short parts of things I've learned on the ukulele. Music therapy is a real thing.

Lenny has been the perfect teacher for both of us for over a year now, first in a three-way Zoom (my house, Evan's apartment, and of course wherever Lenny is in the world at the time), and now after our vaccinations, Evan and I sit together and Zoom with Lenny once each week. Sitting together has enabled a greatly accelerated learning experience for Evan, and he and I both have found it quite joyful.

Paul (& Evan) King
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