Consider the Clarinet
Consider the Clarinet

Consider the Clarinet

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Are you pondering a musical instrument? A WOODwind instrument perhaps? Well, you are in the right place! In this class, I will enlighten you on the virtues of...the CLARINET... Let me tell you my story, or should I say, my PaTHway, to this marvelous woodwind. A little secret about me: when I was asked if I wanted to choose a band instrument, in the fourth grade, I didn’t even know what a clarinet WAS! I was set on playing the flute, because my sister played it, but when the “Instrument Petting Zoo” came to my school, I heard one note from that mysterious dark brown, silver-festooned tube, and I forgot what a FLUTE was! Now, there is nothing wrong with the flute—it is absolutely lovely! But if you, like me, become captivated by the clarinet sound and beautiful appearance, I would like to help you begin your adventure with this wild and wonderful instrument! We will talk about the instrument itself, and what makes it sing. I will show you how you would play your first notes, and maybe most importantly, I will do PLENTY of playing to showcase the way the clarinet has been used throughout its history and...what it is capable of! We will have a short question and answer session, and then, once you’re thoroughly enraptured, I can point you in the direction of the rental or purchase of a clarinet. Not coincidentally, I also offer lessons to beginners of all ages, and to all levels of clarinetist who already play. Join me!


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