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Creative approach to employee well-being and connection

Start your creative journey

Start your creative journey

Increase employee engagement through fun and relaxing creative courses
MixLife addresses an important gap - the loss of connection among employees.

Studies by Smith School of Business and the Gallup organization show that loneliness directly impacts work productivity because people disengage. The costs?

The Problem

higher absenteeism


lower profitability


lower share price

The MixLife Solution

Strong social connections make people happier and reduce stress - which can positively affect work performance. Employers who promote social connections in the workplace help employees form strong relationships, which in turn can help build a successful workforce. Increased happiness, less stress, increased loyalty are just some of the key benefits to forming strong relationships at work.


Why engage with MixLife for your employees?


Connection & Belonging

Fun, creative programs that encourage meaningful connections

Stress Reduction

Approachable, fun way to relax vs. meditation

Mental Well-Being

Curriculum designed to promote well-being through creative flow

MixLife participants saw statistically significant improvements in connectedness, stress and well-being,..

Proof Points - By the Numbers

Reported reduction in

perceived stress


As measured by PSS4

Reported improvement

in overall well-being


As measured by a modtfied version of MHC - SF

Reported increases in feelings of belonging to a community


As measured by MHC - SF

...while they were having fun & learning a new skill.


- Blaire MixLife customer

Of all the places I could have taken classes... this is the only one connected to well-being.

- Nithya, MixLife customer

Really happy with the journey. Fun, relaxed, not like school. The people are all really nice.

- Steven, MixLife customer

I learned my first complete songs and also learned how to jam!

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