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Creative approach to employee well-being and connection

Start your creative journey

Start your creative journey

Increase employee engagement through fun and relaxing creative courses. 

4 weeks



Strong social connections make people happier and reduce stress - which can positively affect work performance. Employers who promote social connections in the workplace help employees form strong relationships, which in turn can help build a successful workforce. Increased happiness, less stress, increased loyalty are just some of the key benefits to forming strong relationships at work. 

Why engage with MixLife for your employees?

What's a creative journey?

Being creative feels great, but it’s hard to make the time and stick with it. A MixLife journey jumpstarts your creativity, with a research-informed approach to get you out of your rut and into a groove.


Our journey instructors provide the structure to make creativity a part of your everyday life, with weekly classes and daily activities to keep the momentum going. Your small cohort of fellow creative journeyers provides the support and camaraderie we all need right now.


Be kind to your mind. Give yourself the gift of creative flow, relaxation, and joy — scientists have proven that creativity is very good for your mental health, but your soul already knew that.


Sign up today for:

  • A 4 or 6 part weekly online class with a talented instructor 

  • Short, daily practice activities

  • A cohort of 6 - 10 participants

...while they are having fun and learning a new skill. 

MixLife addresses an important gap - the loss of connection among employees.

Studies by Smith School of Business and the Gallup organization show that loneliness directly impacts work productivity because people disengage. 

Higher Absenteism


More Accidents


Lower Profitability


Lower Share Price


Connection & Belonging

Fun, creative programs that encourage meaningful connections

Stress Reduction

Approachable, fun way to relax  vs. meditation

Mental Wellbeing

Curriculum designed to promote well-being through creative flow

MixLife participants saw statistically significant improvements in connectedness, stress and well-being..