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Who’s this journey for?

This journey is for those who have some foundational knowledge of poetry writing. Not sure? We recommend Poetry 1: Find your voice


This course is designed to strengthen foundations in poetry, especially for participants who have some prior introduction to poetry. The cohort will provide a safe space and supportive environment to help students strengthen their poetic voice. Each week, students will independently complete daily writing assignments along with attending 45 minute class sessions each of the 4 weeks. Each week will focus on a theme for students to write outside of class. Poetry prompts and poems will be provided to make daily practices engaging.

Week 1: Shouting It Out

  • Why do we write poems?

  • From Part One’s journey, we focused on figuring out what defines poetry. For Part Two, we will shift our discussion more on why we write poems and why it’s important to “shout it out.”

Week 2: Humor

  • Why do some individuals consider writing humorous poems as “not real poems”?

  • How effective can humor be in terms of tone?

  • What helps bring humor and comedy in writing?

Week 3: Love

  • How do we go beyond the “commercialization” of love poems?

  • In what ways can we show the theme of love in a poem?

Week 4: Performance

  • How do we balance “performative” aspects of poetry vs. “writing” aspects of poetry

4 weeks
4 - 10 people

Strengthen your poetry foundations with this 4 week course focused on getting down to writing & revising. Each week will cover a new angle of the art, with corresponding writing prompts.

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Fridays at
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Yume Kim

Yume is an educator and published author (Reserve the Right, Nomadic Press) who currently resides in San Francisco, California. She has a love for writing, especially poetry and aims to provide a collaborative and fun learning environment for students. She has previous experiences in teaching both Composition Writing and Creative Writing at De Anza College and The Art Institute of California - San Francisco campus. She is an alumni of San Francisco State University, where she earned both an M.A. in English and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing.

What past attendees have to say

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Relaxing from the start

You don’t need to spend weeks learning technique before using art to unwind. Journeys have opportunities for creative flow right from the start, at any skill level. 

In our pilot...

75% of participants reported a reduction in stress

Make real progress

Once you join a creative journey, we make the rest easy with a structured program. Keep moving forward with interactive instruction, lots of practice prompts and quick answers to your blocking questions. 

In our pilot...

86% felt challenged to grow and become a better person

Experience it together

You gain more motivation and perspective when you learn with others in our small discussion groups. Share the ups and downs of learning something new with people who get it. Join us for our finale celebrations!

In our pilot...

75% felt an increased sense of belonging to a community